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Since 1986, Alexander L. Domb, A Professional Association, has been helping people like you plan for their families’ future, cope with the loss of a loved one and make the largest purchase one can make in their lifetime – the purchase of a home. My highly trained staff help make working with us a uniquely professional and much less stressful experience.


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Work with a firm that has extensive experience and ability to help you:

  • Prepare expertly drafted wills, trusts and real estate contracts
  • Prepare the durable power of attorney, designation of health care surrogate, pre-need guardianship, and living will
  • Provide legal services for the swift and efficient administration of decedent’s estates in Palm Beach County
  • Expertly handle residential and commercial real estate closings from contract through closing
  • Carefully examine titles, issue title insurance, and provide owner’s and encumbrance reports
  • Efficiently handle litigation related to real estate matters

The Accomplished Team

For Florida Probate And Complex Estates

I and my team of experienced professionals handle dozens of Florida probate administrations each year and will guide you through the Florida probate process.

We work with clients who have simple estates valued at less than $100,000 to clients with taxable estates valued in the millions. We also have considerable experience handling estates with real estate, business interests and out-of-state assets 

We routinely advise and guide personal representatives on their duties as well as heirs who need to step in for a deceased or incapacitated personal representative.

If there is no will, Florida law sets forth an order of priority to determine who can serve as the personal representative.

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